Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 70: Tammy in Travel Along

  I'll be doing a regular post today too, but our doll for today is an auburn Tammy doll.

  She's wearing an outfit called Travel Along.
Oh drat! I'm missing a button!

It's supposed to have a chain belt, and I'm sure this is the wrong purse.

Oh, no one will notice...
 In fact, I'm not sure this is a Tammy purse. It's shaped and made like a Tammy purse, but I think Tammy purses have chain straps. Any identification help is appreciated. **Update: This is the purse to Tammy's Puddle Jumpers fashion.**

This is the inside of  'Tammy's Ideal House', which I showed the outside of yesterday.Apparently none of the other family members have a room in this house. Come to think of it, there's nothing but Tammy's room. It should have been called 'Tammy's Ideal Room'. She has a lot of floor space. I think the house came with a juke box, a soda fountain, and a ping pong table. It was sort of like a 'rec room' with a vanity and day bed.

  Tomorrow is another Tammy Day.(Aren't they all? Well, mine are anyway.)


  1. Thanks. She's a nice one. I love her big red lips. Not a look I could pull off, but it looks nice on her!

  2. This outfit consists of: chain belt with little hearts, red kerchief, white pumps, red purse with chain strap, red eyeglasses, round black hat box, pair of nylons and weekly news.

    1. Thanks. I would love to have the glasses! Maybe I'll come across some some day. Question for you: I have a little chain...belt?... with a tiny football on it. Is this a Tammy accessory?


Thanks in advance for your comments.