Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doll-A-Day 86: Boys and Girls Forever You Doll

Today was supposed to be Girls Day Out at the Barbie auction, but it turned out to be just me and Ken. Emma called around time to leave (6:30AM), and begged off, since she had worked until past 2AM, wasn't feeling well, and had to get her radio show ready for tonight. Ivy was dragging her feet getting dressed anyway,and took that as an excuse to not go either. I was already up and dressed and though feeling like crap from being ditched by both my girls, (although Emma at least had a good excuse.), decided to go anyway. Ken felt bad for me and at the last second offered to go with me.
   There wasn't a whole lot of point anyway, since I got out bid on just about everything, in spite of the absence of the one lady who buys almost everything. I lost out on some really nice Skippers, a couple of Tiff dolls,bunches of Skipper fashions,two Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra dolls, and one Father of the Bride, a pile of Gene's and Gene fashions,(Ken did win a Daughter of the King Gene for me,in spite of my protests.),I Dream of Jeannie Barbie,Scarlett O'Hara (like the one of Ivy's I showed during Oscar Week.), a few Audrey Hepburns...well, you get the idea. I did nab a case with some Tammy stuff, including the umbrella to Puddle Jumpers, the shirt to Pizza Party,the hat and mittens to Figure Eight, and the head band thingy from the cheerleader outfit.(Is that a hat or a head band? Or maybe ear muffs?)
  The only doll I really got other than Gene was this girl.

The box says she's from a line of dolls called Boys and Girls Forever 'You', from 1987.

They're all school kids from the look of it, in their uniforms. (My favourite is the other girl in a sailor outfit.)

The dolls are made in Japan, and most of the writing on the box is in Japanese.

I thought she was interesting looking,but Ivy says she's ugly and looks like a man.

The poor kid. I like her sailory school uniform. (I told you I like sailor outfits.)She also has auburn hair. She's oddly bendy. She has sort of Penny Brite type soft bendy legs, and somewhat stiffer bendy arms.

 This girl does have some big feet...

She's a whopping 12 and a bit inches tall, and seems bigger. She makes Barbie look pretty delicate.

Her outfit consists of a blouse, skirt, undies, knee socks, loafers,and a sort of bandeau top.
She seems pretty perturbed that I somehow managed to finish disintegrating her nearly 30 year old rubber band while I was taking her pictures.

I also bought this crazy cat from a lady who won him in  a load of Barbie stuff.

Does anybody recognize where this cat comes from?
I left some absentee bids for some stuff tomorrow,and the end of the stuff today, since I had to leave before they finished.I won't find out if I won anything until Monday.
See you tomorrow for another doll!


  1. That cat looks a lot like the one that came with the Barbie Roomfulls Country Kitchen from 1974. Here is a link to a picture of it on Pinterest. Hope this helps. It's a very cute cat, you're lucky to have found it.

    1. You're right. I found out what it was after this post and never got around to updating with the information, so, thanks!

  2. You have a wonderful BG You doll, there! There's one site with a page on BG You's: I have lots of pics of my collection of these dolls on my Flickr: And if you google Glenn Mandeville, he wrote a good article about them, which is still available on ebay for about $6. It was included in one or two of his doll books. BG You's are beautifully made! If you ever want to part with your girl, my crew would be happy to have her join them! :>) You can reach me here: Steph at

    1. Thanks for all the links. I can't believe there was so much out there and I totally couldn't find it. I tried looking for 'Boys and Girls Forever You'. I looked at your Flickr. I love your Wldflower dolls! I want Molly! Make me an offer on my BG ou doll and I will definitely consider it. I have several dolls on my want list that need financed!

  3. Hi Tam! I never saw your reply to my comment until now, when I was doing some more online searching for BG You dolls. Are you still considering selling this doll? Let me know - you can message me on Flickr, just in case I don't get notice that I have an answer here! Thanks! :>)

  4. She looks a little sad but I still think she's pretty


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