Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 81: Skipper Saturday: Twist and Turn Skipper in Fancy Pants

This Saturday's Skipper is a blonde Twist and Turn doll.

She has rooted eyelashes, a twist and turn waist and bend legs.

For a change I got a blonde TNT that didn't have a haircut!

She has much finer, much paler blonde hair than the haircut Skipper in All Over Felt that I featured recently.

She has a very fair complexion and very glossy pink lips.

She's wearing Fancy Pants from 1970.It's a two piece outfit, with a ruffled top and ruffled pants.Crazy Man!

Fancy Pants is supposed to have light blue shoes, but these soft pink Skipper flats look pretty good with it.It also came with a matching pink vinyl purse with a daisy on it.

You didn't think I was going to get by without the One Hair, did you?
Fancy Pants is notorious for the shoulder straps splitting or coming unsewn.

There is also a rare orange and pink striped version of Fancy Pants.
  Sunday usually starts a new theme, but I still have birthday presents left! Ken kind of let me go crazy this year! So I'll be showing you some J Dolls in the next few days.

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