Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 78: Review Week: Disney Store Snow White

  Today's Snow White doll finishes up my articulated doll purchases from The Disney Store.
I couldn't resist her cute little face.

 Same situation with the box as the last two. Luckily she had a lot less stuff pinning her down than Gothel or Rapunzel. A twisty wire on her feet, a few tiny plastic thingies in her cape, and a couple in her head.
 She was wearing tissue paper pants.(And painted on undies.)

She's jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips,and has the same bendy knees as the Rapunzel I reviewed a couple of days ago.Maybe I should explain those legs. They aren't bendy, as in, just having wires in them like a Tutti or Gumby. They have a knee joint, similar to a Barbie knee, but are a much softer rubbery leg, and the bend is more....uh, bendy than a Barbie knee.
The outfit is a bit too shiny and sparkly for my tastes. I'd like it to be more like the movie dress, in cotton or something.I also always have a problem with the way they do those red bits on the sleeves. Those are supposed to be cut outs with the red bit underneath showing through. I realize that would put the price up and also isn't the best idea for a lasting costume for a kids play doll, so I'm going to let that one pass this time!

This is the first Snow White doll I have bought for myself.
I like that they did the stand up collar this time, and it's actually pretty good.

Emma has one she got as a kid. Ivy was into Snow White for a while when she was very small, but she never had a Snow White doll.When I bought this one Ivy's response was,"But you don't like Snow White." I said,I don't dislike Snow White. I don't not like Snow White. (I mean, I don't specifically NOT like her. That's different from DIS liking her, or just ignoring her altogether.)
She has cute little rubber slip on flat shoes.

Actually, I love the animation in the movie. I think it's beautiful.I could never figure out why Snow White did all that stuff her stepmother made her do though. She was the Princess. Tell Step Mother to get lost.
Such a pretty face, and she's another short haired doll. I love her big brown eyes, and they painted the shape of her little mouth so nicely.

So, Snow was a little wishy washy,but sweet people can be that way. (I don't have that problem.)
 Tomorrow we'll check out my last doll from this trip to the Disney Store.

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