Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 89: Russian Doll

Ken's at work, Fuzzy is asleep, since he works nights, and Ivy isn't feeling well. So I have spent the day by myself.(Apart from visits to Ivy's room to remove her..uhh...'leftovers'.) I guess that's ok. Last night Emma, Ivy and I went to see The Muppets Most Wanted,(which I'll talk about soon.), and Emma stayed for dinner and tv. That was nice.We don't get much relaxed time with Emma these days. She is so busy with work and her radio show.It was nice to be able to just laze around with her.
  The snow is melting and it's not too bad outside. Fuzz brought me a tomato plant thingy today, which I'm going to start inside now and hope it gets to go outside SOMEDAY!
  Today's dolls is this cute little doll from Russia, or Ukraine, that I know absolutely nothing about.
As you can see, my garlic is greening up quite nicely! It doesn't mind the cold,(as long as it's not the abnormally cold weather we had this winter.)

I think it's a 'she'. She's about 10" tall.
Her eyelashes aren't 'hair'. They're plastic.

She chose to pose in what was left of our quickly melting snow. She said it made her feel at home.

One side of her hair needs redone, but she has all of her original clothes, and her boots.
You can see where the snow ends in an even line. That's where our neighbors, the Selfish Giants, fence casts shade. It stays snowy there where the sun doesn't shine.

I have a couple of other Russian dolls, and they seem to be very poorly made , of cheap plastic that breaks very easily.

They are cute though.

The plastic they are made of has a translucent quality and gives them a glowy complexion.

Kind of makes you want to whistle the Peter and the Wolf music, doesn't it?
 Just a reminder, my one year anniversary of this blog is coming up in May. If my number of followers picks up significantly by then, I am considering doing a giveaway.Just saying...
  See you tomorrow with another doll.

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