Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doll-A-Day 71: Tammy in Plaid Jumper

Yesterday; lovely, warm day. I got too hot working outside in a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves pushed up. Kids playing outside, falling off scooters, falling off bicycles. (The things you see just driving home.) Today, ARCTIC BLASTS! Snow! Giant swirling flakes covering the ground!Wind blowing trees sideways!And yet, there is no global warming. Oh yeah, and that Holocaust thing never happened either...

  But let's ignore all that!Today's Tammy is wearing her plaid jumper dress. It could do with a belt or something.
I'm sure she should be wearing dress shoes with this dress, but as usual, my dolls are short on shoes.

She's freezing me to death, just looking at her. 

She has a beautiful shade of dark auburn hair.

I love her bright red lips too.

They over did the blush a bit. They sprayed her ear too! Her left ear lobe looks like she's wearing a red earring.

  This is the inside of Tammy's Ideal House again.

Tammy's an awkward sitter.
"I am not!"

  Tomorrow we'll see another Tammy, and maybe it will be warmer! (Yeah, right!)


  1. I'm loving your Tammy doll photos! I'm a Tammy doll collector.

    This pack outfit comes with red pumps and a black/red clutch purse (no belt).

    1. Well thanks! I'll be doing more Tammy and family pictures soon,including a better look at the inside and contents of Tammy's Ideal House. And thanks for the information.


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