Friday, March 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 87:Another Doll of My Own Making: Papa George Resque Doll

Today's doll is another I made.

His name is George Resque Doll, but you can call him Papa.
 I made him for a customer who bought three others and wanted a father to go with the rest of the family.
This is Mama doll. I can't remember her real name.

I think he may be just about my favourite doll I've made. I was so sorry to see him go!
His thumbs looked fine when his arms were down, but when he does this pose they are on the bottom! They should be at the top of his hands when he does this, but there is no way to let him do both poses and have his thumbs in the right place both ways.

I don't have a picture of him next to a ruler, and I don't remember how tall he is. I know he isn't over 2 and a half inches though. 
I made him to match Mama Doll, s since she was looking to the left I made him look to the right, so they could look at each other. (Unless of course,you put them on the wrong sides,in which case they will refuse to look at each other.)They look to be having a slight altercation right now.
The rest of the family is two daughters with red hair. I'll show them eventually.

I put a lot of time into Papa. I made a doll I would love to have.(Which is one of the reasons I hated to let him go. I nearly made her another!) He has a three piece suit, with a watch pocket, and even a watch 'chain'.
I love how his eyes came out.

He's even wearing cloth spats on his shiny black shoes.
He's another of my tiny dolls with a felt covered wire armature and wooden head. His clothes are all cloth. His pants even have cuffs!
Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday.Be there or go Skipperless.

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