Saturday, March 1, 2014

Doll-A-Day 60: Skipper Saturday:Straight Leg Skipper in Original Box

Today is the final day of the Yard Sale Tale. We finish up the week with Skipper Saturday, and this straight leg Skipper with her original box.

She didn't have her stand. She's borrowing a Twist and Turn stand.

She was in her box, and wearing her original swimsuit when I got her.

The box specifies that it's for a red head.As you can see, this box isn't in as nice condition as the other two I got at this sale.

She has a little problem with her bangs.

She's pretty nice though. I wasn't about to pass her up in any case! She was about $10, maybe only $7.

I rarely find vintage Skippers at yard sales. I think I have only found 3. This is the nicest one, even if she hadn't  had her box.

"Skipper has her own "junior edition" styles...They match Barbie's..." Skipper's original fashions were made to match Barbie's more mature versions.

The sides of the box show the fashions available for Skipper.

The lady also had, (and I bought) Skipper's Sunny Pastels dress and purse. They were $2. Since this girl was in her original swimsuit and had her box, I decided to leave her just as she was. I put the dress on another doll.
  Tomorrow we'll start a celebration of the Academy Awards with Oscar Week.

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