Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doll-A-Day 79: More Rapunzels,Updates and Comparisons.

  I'm glad to report that my dad is doing better and I feel alot better after seeing him yesterday.He's still in the hospital but is supposed to be going back to the nursing home tomorrow. (For the record, I feel guilty that my dad has to live in a nursing home, but he has dementia. We kept him at home with us until his dementia got so bad that he starting needing around the clock guarding,etc.. It didn't allow the rest of the family to be together or do anything else. Didn't stop me from feeling guilty though.) If you don't know what dementia is,it's in the same family as Alzheimers, but...crazier. He has aural and visual hallucinations and gets confused.
   That's enough for your medical lesson.  
  I was supposed to do a post on my last Disney Store purchase today, but I'm saving that for tomorrow, for reasons that will become apparent then. I thought today I would cover a few things I forgot to include this week.(I've been quite flustered, as you can imagine. I considered not posting at all, but it kept me from curling up in a ball and throwing up.) So here are a couple of other dolls, and a few afterthoughts, plus I have updated the Snow White post to include some thoughts I forgot to think at the time...
 Today's doll is going to be two dolls: these two Tangled Rapunzels I got at a nearby Goodwill one night a while back.Here they are with the Rapunzel I reviewed earlier this week.

  I was going to show them in comparison to the short haired Rapunzel I featured earlier this week, but I forgot, so here they are now.

Short haired girl seems to have a rounder face. They all have the freckles.

Does anybody know which Rapunzel's these are?
The one with the long hair has jointed everything. The one who has had a hair cut has jointed arms, but the same soft bendy knee legs as short haired Rapunzel and Snow White.She also has those metallic hairs amongst her regular blonde hair.
"Thanks girls, but can you do anything with this one hair?" Jointed leg girl on the left is weak at the knees and can't stay standing up straight very long. That's why she looks so short here.Hair cut girl is cheating by standing on her tip toes. She knows the other two can't do that!

And an after thought on Snow White: Snow White seems so tiny compared to Gothel and Rapunzel, until you get them together. For comparison, here they are together.She definitely has a less cartoonish appearance.

See you tomorrow for that other Disney Store doll.

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  1. Well, my guesses would be:
    The Rapunzel on the right with the shorter blonde hair is a 2010 DisneyStrore Classic Rapunzel doll(very first version) and the other blonde one with the different joints is a 2012 DisneyStrore Classic Rapunzel doll - unless they are from a Disneypark, then I do not know, what year they are from.
    The short brown haired one was awailable around 2013 (same period the blond 2013 girl)

    Hope this helped :)


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