Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring has sprung, and apparently it's about to spring right back...

  The weather was sooo nice today! I hung laundry out, and cleared up outside, where winter had deposited everybody else's trash in my yard and then hid it under snow. On my way to drop Ivy off for play practice and back I saw kids on bikes, scooters,and one kid trying to cram all the spring in he could while he had the chance, was eating a Popsicle and roller blading at the same time.There was a long double line at the ice cream place too.This is about the 3rd day of nice-ish weather we've had so far this year. Friday was fairly nice, and then Saturday it snowed again! The last couple of days have been spring-like, but we're due for freezing rain and snow tonight! My garlic doesn't know whether to grow or not. The winter was so bad that for the first time I wasn't able to just brush the snow off and cut fresh garlic all winter.My daffodils are making a brave showing, but my trees aren't budding yet. I actually saw a honey bee today. I hope the poor guy can find shelter tonight!
  If you read my post yesterday you'll know that it was my birthday. Ivy was in school and Fuzz had to work, so it was only me, Emma, and Ken all day. Ken kept after me to do whatever I wanted with my day. I was supposed to have already gotten my birthday presents the day I found the AI dolls and J doll at Tuesday Morning, but Ken gave me a budget for additional birthday shopping on him. I finally decided to go to Tuesday Morning and The Disney Store. I wanted to look for another J Doll, and I have been wanting the Animator's Collection toddler Merida or a Frozen Anna. I knew of course that any chance of finding a Frozen doll was slim. I was right. They had two Hans dolls, but that was all.
  I wavered on the toddler Merida. She was a large chunk of my budget, so I thought I would do better to have a look at some of the other dolls first. I have had my eye on the Gothel doll, and she was on sale for $10: In the stack. They had a couple of the Rapuzels with the short hair. They were also on sale: Stack. I couldn't resist the Snow White. She has such a cute face, and she was on sale too! Stack!
  I checked out the Muppet stuff. I have ALWAYS loved the Muppets.(Emma, Fuzz, and I are gearing up for the new movie, out this month.)They had a great Rowlf, but I have a really good vintage Rowlf. But they had an amazing Swedish Chef. I've never seen a doll of the Swedish Chef.He was a bit of a chunk of the budget too, but we saw the deal with the Disney Visa and he got added to the stack.The Disney Visa deal was, when you sign up for a Disney Visa and make a your first $50 purchase, you get $50 credit. So essentially, all my purchases yesterday were FREE. That means I didn't spend any of my birthday budget! I still have presents coming! I also now have a Visa card with Toy Story on it, (because they didn't have any Muppet cards.)
  I have the rest of this week planned out, so I thought I would do reviews of all my birthday present dolls next week. (I got a couple elsewhere. They aren't all from the Disney Store.) So, lots of reviews next week.
  It's Doll-A-Day again tomorrow.

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