Monday, March 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 69: Happy Birthday to me! It's Tammy the doll! (Ok, it's really Fern)

  Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 52. (Well, not actually today,since I wrote this ahead of time. You don't think this is what I'm doing on my birthday do you?) Today's doll will be familiar to reader's of this blog. She's Tammy World in my photo stories, but her real identity is Fern, from Charlotte's Web.

"Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White was first published in 1952. An animated movie based on the book was made in 1973, and a live action version was released in 2006.

  She's part of the When I Read I Dream series.She originally wore a denim jumper dress, red and white checked shirt, white socks and red high top shoes. (Or are they boots?)She's a farm girl, like I was. She also came with a pig, which is funny, because I have quite a collection of pigs myself.(Plus I lived on a pig farm for a year or two, between ages 9 and 10 or 11.)
As you can see, I have misplaced her shoes at the moment. These Barbie shoes fit quite well.

 She has the same body as Barbie's sister Stacie from the 90's, so she can wear Stacie (or Todd's) shoes and clothes. She's not very poseable, just the standard neck, shoulder, and hip joints and slightly bending knees.  I've thought about changing her to one of the Harry Potter jointed bodies (Stacie and her friends aren't pale enough to match Tammy...uh, I mean Fern's, head.), but I've gotten used to her this way. Besides, those bodies are so skinny. Maybe if I could just have the legs!

  I made my kids, Emma and Fuzzy, dolls of themselves when they were small. Somewhere in there I bought the When I Read I Dream dolls for myself. The reason 'Fern' ended up being 'Tammy the doll', (Bear with me if you've read this story before.),came from my saying to my kids that if anyone made a doll of me as a kid, they should use Fern, because she had the red hair in a ponytail and bangs, like I had when I was a kid.(Although I have Tammy being 11 years old, and by that time my hair had been cut short.)

Me in first grade. Regular readers will think I had very few clothes, as you will already have seen this corduroy jumper and turtle neck in my Doll-A-Day post on Newborn Thumbelina.
 Then the kids started calling her Tammy the doll, and the rest is history.

She's also pale skinned, with just a sprinkle of faint freckles across her nose, like I had when I was little.

Ok. She's actually prettier than me.

Her eyes are quite well painted.Mine are brown, not green,but I never said she was exactly like me.
She actually has a bit more freckles than I had as a kid. Mine went away when I got a little older than I figure she is. If you look at the candles on Tammy's cake you'll see that she's turning 11.

By the way, I made the cake.Ivy's been making fun of me for "making a birthday cake for yourself ". I kept breaking the candles, so in the end I didn't do the best job, due to lack of time!That third candle from the left came out perfect though!

  So,tomorrow we'll continue with Tammy Week. (Boy, do I feel like Queen of the World when I say that.)That's Ideal's Tammy.

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