Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 74: Skipper Saturday: Two Tone Auburn Skipper in Ship Ahoy

  Well, the weather has swung back to Spring again, and this week's Skipper is ready for a day of boating.

This is a straight leg Skipper with amazing two tone dark auburn hair.

You may remember seeing her in a previous post when I first bought her.

I got her at a doll show, but from one of the shoppers. She sold me a case with Skippers that had belonged to her, and her sister.Both Skippers had very colourful lips, but as I suspected, the lips had been touched up, and I was debating on whether or not to try to remove the extra lip paint. I was very wary, since I didn't know if there was any paint underneath, and they looked pretty good the way they were.

I finally decided to remove the added paint. It came off with just water.She has perfect lips underneath, so all is well.
Her hair is super thick too.

Gad! If it isn't 'that one hair', it's those two! I need some hair gel or something. What do people use for this?

 Ship Ahoy consists of the dress, vest, anklet socks, red flats,and accessories, including a plastic camera, (Hey Mattel, Tammy's camera is real metal and MILES more realistic!),a toy sailboat, and a couple of travel brochures.
Tomorrow we'll begin a week of reviews.See you then.

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