Sunday, May 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #127: Project MC2 Camryn's Skateboard Science

  I'm better now, but I have had tremendously sore arms this week. My old motorless mower has unbelievably dull blades,so I have been trying to power through the grass without a lot of success. I managed to mow the shorter bits, but some of it I just couldn't force the mower through. I've been trying to find somewhere to get the blades sharpened, but there is just almost nowhere to get that done these days. In the meantime it keeps raining and the grass keeps getting taller. I had to do something, so I did the only thing I could do: I mowed my whole yard with a weed whacker! And while that would be tiring under normal circumstances, it was murder on me,because the weed whacker is obviously made for much taller people. 'Normal' people use the thing by holding it at arm's length and swinging it. I'm so short that if I hold it at arm's length it just sits on the ground. So I had to use it with my arm bent and tensed to hold it up off the ground. I kept switching arms, but that just means both arms were killing me afterward! In any case, it got mowed, and I think I have found somewhere to get my blades sharpened. Hopefully I won't have to do that again!
  I was pretty housebound this past winter. I just didn't go many places. Now that the weather has (sometimes!) been better I'm emerging from my house like the groundhog from it's burrow. My oldest, Emma, lives a half hour away now, and we have spent some time with her. This means I have sometimes been able to go to the antique stores in her town, or slightly past her town, to the best Goodwill around. (This is the same Goodwill where I found the Tressy clone you saw recently.) In fact, in the past week I have ended up at the Goodwill three times On Monday we headed out to eat at Olive Garden,and I stopped at 'my Goodwill' on the way. I made some good finds. There were a lot of fully dressed dolls, a bag of doll furniture,and a bag of doll clothes. We'll see it all in upcoming posts.
  Then on Wednesday Ken and I dropped Ivy off to work with Emma and went to the movies. We saw "Going in Style". You can watch the trailer HERE. Micheal Caine is one of my favourite actors, and it was a very good movie. Go see it. I was disappointed to see that Ken and I were the only people in the theatre! It deserves better.
  On the way to the theatre we stopped at 'My Goodwill' again, and I scored again. Obviously there was a kid with loads of dolls, who dumped them at Goodwill. There were tons of  Barbies,Monster High, Ever After High, and some Project MC2,Cutie Pops,La Dee Da's,and Lalaoopsies. I could tell they had to be from one kid, because most of them were fully clothed,or nearly so. A lot of them even still had their shoes on.You almost never find dolls that are still dressed at thrift stores.
  We had to take Ivy up to work with Emma again on Saturday,so I hopped over to 'my Goodwill' for a quick check, and found even more good stuff. I think Ken is going to ban me soon! But how much more stuff could this kid have had?! They have to run out soon!
  The doll we're seeing today was one of the finds from Wednesday. She's Camryn from Project MC2.

Hey, does anybody know what that plant behind her is? It came up on it's own this year. It kind of looks like a rose, but there are no thorns. There are thornless roses, but where did this come from?

She's the Camryn from Camryn's Skateboard Science.

She is the articulated version of Camryn.

Her arms are strangely skinny.

This chair was in the bag of furniture I got. And there's that plant again. Anybody?

These are still blooming too. Anybody know what they are?
 She's jointed at the neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists, hips, and knees.

This is the first Project MC2 dolls I've had, so I didn't know how good their poseability was. I'm a bit disappointed in it actually. Her arms are strange and hard to get in the pose you want.These dolls  aren't as poseable as you would think,considering all that articulation. Her legs bend at the knees,and can move side to side. Still, she's not as poseable as a Liv doll, or especially a Made to Move doll.

The plastic looks cheap too, although the vinyl the head is made out of is nice. Isn't that the pre-Mr Yuck poison symbol on her shirt?

She's one of the fully clothed dolls I found at Goodwill. This is her original outfit.She's missing a green tank top or something, that should be under her green tank top.

This shirt is unraveling badly around the neck and arm holes.
 She is also missing her skateboard.

You can draw your own blueprints over and over.

On the positive side, these dolls are more beautiful out of the box. Camryn isn't even one of the Project Mc2 dolls I have been wanting, but she's more gorgeous than I thought.

Her lips have wrinkle detail in them.

Her striking brown eyes are inset, and she has 'real' lashes.

She has a glowy light brown complexion.

Is it just me, or is anybody else getting Jennifer Lopez? (Sorry. JLo.)
She has interesting burgundy hair.

It could use a combing, but I'll tackle that when I give her the total spa treatment:a bath, hair wash and condition, and her laundry done.

Her do rag hair thingy is still attached to her head.

The Project Mc2 dolls are all supposed to be very good at science. The more elaborate dolls come with a 'project'. I always loved  science. In fact, math and science were my two best subjects. I would have enjoyed these dolls when I was a kid.


There is a live action Project MC2 TV show. In the show the girls are so great at science that they are recruited by a spy organization. It's a Netflix series and has had 4 seasons since it debuted in 2015. (How can that be? Hey. I'm just telling you what IMDB says.) I haven't seen it,but I have read bad things about it. You can see the trailer HERE.

You can see a commercial for the dolls HERE. Apparently 'smart is the new cool'. If only that were so.

We'll see more of this haul tomorrow.

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