Monday, May 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #128: Project MC2 Adrienne Attoms

  If you saw yesterday's post you'll know I have been making some really good finds at a nearby Goodwill. I showed you my Project MC2 Camryn in that post. The same day I also found this girl,Project MC2 Adrienne Attoms.

My bushes with the little white flowers are nearly finished for the season.
Emma covets her original cat shirt.

 While Camryn was fully articulated,Adrienne has only the standard jointing at neck, shoulders, and hips.
Adrienne and Camryn compare jointing.

Hard plastic legs that don't bend.

And the same for her arms. By the way, I think I found what these flowers are. They seem to be Japanese Honeysuckle, whicc is described as a choking and sun blocking plant which should be removed immediately. I kind of like it...

Her head can tilt up just slightly, but not down at all.

The other difference between Adrienne and Camryn is that Camryn was fully dressed. Adrienne was wearing a Barbie bathing suit top, tied in the back with a hair tie to keep it on,(Since Adrienne is much thinner than a Barbie),and a skirt/leggings that could only get halfway up her thighs. I had to sort her out some clothes. Luckily this dress was in the bag of clothes I bought there too.

It's a little big, but it matches her lips.
Like all the other project MC2 dolls, Adrienne has inset eyes and 'real' lashes.

She also has those nicely detailed lips.

Her hair is silky, and easier to comb that Camryn's curly hair.

She started out with the headband, but it kept slipping off her head. I think it was more the shape of her head than the slickness of her hair,although that didn't help.
 The Project MC2 dolls are very thin, with big head and long legs. That makes them similar to dolls like Monster High, and Ever After High.But even though their heads are larger than normal, their faces are very realistic.

It was very windy the day I took these pictures. She could have used some hairspray!
 That where the difference lies.The inset eyes are only part of the difference. The head in general is more realistically shaped than dolls like Ever After High.

Speaking of Ever After High,we'll see my Ever After High finds starting tomorrow.

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