Monday, February 3, 2014

Doll-A-Day 34: Lonely Lisa by Royal

  Today we continue with  'Sad Eyes Week'. Today's doll is Lonely Lisa, made by Royal dolls.

Looks like Lonely Lisa beat Little Miss No Name to the punch by about a year.Lonely Lisa was made in 1964. She came in two sizes,16 and 20 inches tall. Mine is the 16" size.

Lonely Lisa has a wire armature, which allows her to be posed.

Her head, arms, and legs are vinyl, and her body is stuffed cloth.She has rooted hair and painted eyes.

 Lisa's hair is brittle, like my Little Miss No Name's, and breaks easily when combed.

She strongly resembles this painting.

Another big eye painting by Margaret Keane.

Apparently she came with a wrist tag that said, "My arms long to hold you, I'll bend to your touch. Please take me home. I'll love you so much. I'm lonely, Lisa."Oh man! Would I have wanted this doll when I was a kid!

Supposedly she's pretty hard to find.I had never heard of her until I got her at an auction. I researched to find out who she is.

I'm pretty sure this is her original dress. She also has a cotton half slip and cotton undies.

I think she came with shoes, but hers are missing. I'd love to get her some new ones. Maybe her only problem isn't that she's lonely. Her feet are cold too.
  Ok. I've been talking about Margaret Keane paintings for a couple of days now, and I've show you a couple. Well, this has nothing to do with dolls,(But then I do ramble anyway.), but I have to show you this. I came across this while researching Margaret Keane paintings. Early on her paintings were considered cheesy, but  alot of celebrities liked her stuff and asked her to paint them.Ok. Here's Joan Crawford.
Her eyes are a little wonky.
Oh, never mind. I guess they were just that way.
Several things strike me here.One: Joan has plastic covers on her couch! Anybody that rich could afford to get her couch cleaned, or even buy a new one when this one got dirty.On the other hand, maybe that's a good idea. If she beats you with a wire hanger for hanging clothes on them, what does she do if you spill that ever present Pepsi on the couch?! Keep the couch covers on Mom! Two: I don't care if she was chairman of the board or whatever of Pepsi for a while---she keeps Pepsi on the coffee table with her Oscar?! Three: Everything in this picture screams COLD! Four: Is that a doily on the couch arm? Cause I would think those would be really hard to keep on with those plastic couch covers.Shoot, you'd have trouble staying on the seat yourself.

Okay. Fine. But this one is a little...weird. I don't know. It just has some strange quality about it. I just can't put my finger on it.
 Jerry Lewis and his entire family as clowns? Harlequins? What's up Jerry? Couldn't find any red noses to stick on those dogs?(Cats would totally not permit that.) 
Because Jerry's a clown, get it? That's "This Diamond Ring" Gary on the right.Check the arm on the kid in pink. Old Rubber Arm Lewis. Fuzzy commented that the weird thing about the kid in red, bottom right, is that he looks like those are his feet, and his head is on his butt. He has a point. And by the way, Jerry Lewis was never this pretty.How much did he pay Margaret for that?
  Tomorrow is another sad eye day. See you then.

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