Friday, February 21, 2014

Doll-A-Day 52: Singing Chatty Cathy, Plus Special Guest Star, Tiny Chatty Baby

  Today's doll is singing Chatty Cathy.

  As far as I can find, she was produced in 1965.She's a pull string singer.Apparently she sang nursery rhymes.Mine is missing her string.
  I rescued this doll at a yard sale run by a very grouchy lady who didn't seem to want to come out of her house.All the stuff was on tables in the yard, and I think it had been out there for more than a couple of days. A lot of it was wet.The doll was pretty grungy, but she seemed to need me. She cleaned up pretty well.
She still needs a little work on her eyes.

  She originally came in a red dress with musical notes printed on it in white, white anklets and red shoes. She also had a red ribbon in the right side of her hair. She's about 17" tall.
It's hard to see them because they have gone gray (Don't we all?!), but she does have freckles.
  As for today's 'special guest star', I came across her while getting Singing Chatty out. I knew where she was, but I forgot I had put Tiny Chatty Baby in the armoir too. So, she should have been in the post with my Tiny Chatty Brother, but better late than never. (Seems to be becoming my slogan...) Anyway, here is Tiny Chatty Baby'

  She's 15" tall, like Tiny Chatty Brother. She has a matching outfit to his, and this one also has the same blonde hair.They were introduced (to the public, not to each other.) in 1962.

This girl seems to have fared better than my Chatty Brother. She must not have been loved as much, poor girl.She is missing her booties. Her hair is silky and she still has all her eye lashes.Unfortunately, she doesn't talk anymore either.

I found her in a junk shop, in this original outfit. She was a whole quarter.

She was fairly dirty, but she cleaned up nicely.Her outfit needed laundered too. It could do with a pressing, but I tend to be remiss in that area alot of the time. I don't even iron my own clothes any more.

You know, I like this doll, but looking at these pictures I'm starting to get a Marty Allen thing from her.

Old comedian Marty Allen in the 60's. Apparently he's 91, and still working.

Tiny C. Baby.: "Did you hear what she said about me?!"

Tiny C. Brother: "I may be grungy, but she never said I look like Marty Allen."

Tiny C. Baby: "I can't believe she said that!"
I also promised a size comparison between all the Chatty dolls.

Left to right: Charmin Chatty, Chatty Cathy,Chatty Baby, Singing Chatty Cathy, Tiny Chatty Baby

I kind of expected Singing Chatty to be more the size of regular Chatty Cathy.

And while we're here, another comparison: the difference between soft face and hard face Chatty Cathys.
Soft face Chatty in the middle.

The soft face girl seems to have a bigger head, with chubbier cheeks.

She has held her colour better too.

Let's face it. She's just prettier.

(Shhh. Don't tell the other girls. We're liable to end up with another Marty Allen situation.)
  That concludes Chatty Week. See you tomorrow for another Skipper Saturday.


  1. Hard to believe you found a Chatty Cathy at such a crazy yard sale. She's pretty. I like the twins, too, but my favorite one is the one in the red dress. I love her size. You have a wonderful collection of Chatty Cathys.

  2. Thanks Vanessa. I never really thought of them as a Chatty 'collection' until I gathered them together for this week of posts. They did kind of add up...
    Looking at them in these pictures, they do look pretty nice, don't they?

  3. I subscribed to your blog mainly because of your Chatty Cathy post. I just got my first 2 Cathy dolls- 1961 (2nd issue I think because of the marking on her back, still has the cover over her speaker - non-talking) and the re-make of 1998 that still talks. They are quite different as well. But I really like you Singing C. Cathy too - she is a cutie ^_^. Nice collection as well - thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the post.


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