Monday, February 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 41: Mod Hair Ken

Ken week's Ken of the day is Mod Hair Ken.
I'm not sure what advantages there could possibly be to that hand sculpt,especially since his arms just go up and down.

Mod Hair Ken was produced in 1973. He still had bendable knees and giant eyebrows, and the same face he'd had since 1968. But he was the first Ken with rooted hair.He also came with various pieces of facial hair, including sideburns, a beard and mustache piece, and a couple of mustache's.
You have to love the hair pieces!

His original outfit is a brown and white checked jacket, a cream coloured 'dickey',(Where did I put that thing?),and brown or tan pants with a 'leather' or 'suede' belt, and brown shoes.

This guy is wearing his original jacket and pants with belt,but instead of dress shoes, he's wearing a brown version of the common Ken tennis shoes.Since he even has his facial hair, which is almost always missing,the plastic on his head, and the rest of his original clothes, I'm assuming these are his shoes too.
It's nice this guy has the plastic for his hair, because these Mod Hair Ken's can have some pretty crazy hair sometimes.
Left side guy's hair is nothing compared to some Mod Hair Ken's.

Tomorrow we'll check out another Ken. See you then.

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