Thursday, February 27, 2014

Doll-A-Day 58: Ken with Original Box

  Today we return to the Yard Sale Tale we started on Sunday. If you read Sunday's post you'll know I told the story of how I had gone to a garage sale and was met with a table full of vintage Barbie and friends dolls and clothes. On Sunday we saw the Chris doll I bought there. On Monday we saw the Francie. Today we're having a look at the Ken I bought there.

This guy has his original box. That's a rarity when you buy a doll at a garage sale.
The box shows some of the fashions available for Ken.

The box isn't too bad. The dolls were all pretty nice. Maybe this lady didn't play with her toys very much. Three of the dolls I bought from her were in their boxes.

Ken was just wearing his original striped beach jacket when I bought him. Today he's feeling a bit more modest. He's wearing the Dr. Ken smock from 1963, with a pair of black pants. (His white ones are in the wash. No, really.)

He's another of those blonde Ken dolls that I only ever saw in the catalogs. My sister and I both had crew cut Kens,but they were both brunettes.

  Tomorrow we'll see another doll from the same garage sale.

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