Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 53: Skipper Saturday: Twist and Turn Skipper

Today's doll is another Twist and Turn Skipper.

She's had a haircut, but I think it's really cute on her.

She has rooted eyelashes and the usual bend legs and twist and turn waist.


She's wearing All Over Felt, minus the tights.

Without the tights, All Over Felt consists of a felt dress and jacket, with matching felt hat and purse, and blue shoes.

I have to get the right side of her hair to lay down again.
A variation All Over Felt was made in turquoise felt, rather than the usual light blue.

  For some reason almost all the blonde Twist and Turn Skippers I've managed to acquire have had haircuts. JUST the BLONDES. What is that about?


  1. She's a very pretty doll! I adore the Skipper dolls and have all sorts of them. Some are in very good shape, and some are real TLC dolls. Not that many with haircuts though, just a couple with very thin and worn hair.

    1. I have some of every category you mentioned. Actually, a couple of the haircut ones are favourites of mine.(I wonder if those kids grew up to be hairdressers...)


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