Friday, February 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 59: Bend Leg Skooter in Original Box

Continuing with the monumental doll haul from one garage sale, we have bend leg Skooter.She was in her original box.
Her shirt is a bit more pink than these shirts usually look.(Compare it to the box.) They're supposed to be red with white dots,and the others I've seen have been red and white. There is supposed to be a rare orange with white dots. I don't know if mine is faded or rare!

Skipper's friend Skooter was introduced in 1965, as a straight leg doll.In 1966 she began to be produced as a bend leg doll. In both cases she came as a brunette, red head, or blonde.

The box tells you it's for a blonde.

 This blonde hair is a bit more perky than the straw like blonde hair she had previously been provided with!

Her original outfit was changed too, from a two piece bathing suit to a crop top and shorts.When I got her she was wearing her original outfit, including red hair ribbons.
She has a few hairs out of place, but I'm afraid to take her hair down. For one thing, I can't retie those tiny little ribbons!

She has her original box and stand.
I don't think the stand has ever been out of the box.
She had straight pins in her head to hold her hair ribbons in, so she has some greening above her left ear. Most of it is in her hair, so it doesn't show too badly. I took the pins out, so I hope it won't continue to spread.

Her original box is in very nice condition.
The box shows Skooter in various Skipper fashions, since she only had one gift set (of outfits you had to put together yourself) of her own. The outfit shown top right must be a miscoloured Chill Chasers, which actually only came in white faux fur.There isn't any other Skipper coat from this era that looks like that or comes with a beret.

This is a nice pink skinned Skooter. I love the pinker skinned Skippers and Skooters, although alot of the 'tan' skinned ones are nice too.
These days Mattel would have to add a disclaimer to the box, telling you that Skooter "Can't really float as pictured", because of course, people are that stupid... Also she can't point her toes like in the photo, which would be a more reasonable disclaimer.

Tomorrow we'll see another doll from this sale.

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