Saturday, February 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 46: Skipper Saturday: Brunette Twist and Turn Skipper

I just noticed that I lost a day somewhere back there and was on the wrong number! It's been fixed though, so there won't be any future confusion---I hope!
  Today's doll, on this Skipper Saturday, is a brunette Twist and Turn Skipper from around 1969. (Twist and Turn Skipper dolls with the long straight hair were produced for a couple of years.)

She has rooted eyelashes and bend legs.

She's wearing Plaid City, from 1969.

Plaid City has a couple of different looks depending on whether or not you use the hat and coat , so it was quite a value for the money for little girls in 1969.(These days of course, it's a bit more expensive than alot of other Skipper fashions.)

Plaid City came in this cotton version, or raw silk.

.Plaid City is supposed to come with translucent green flats, but as we saw with the Skipper wearing lots of Lace a few weeks ago, I only have one of those! So today she borrowed the blue flats from All Over Felt.They match better in person than they seem to in the photos.

Her polka dot stool is a modern Barbie item.It came in a Fashion Fever Furniture set called Fab Footrest. I thought it was a perfect prop because the colours matched perfectly with her outfit.
  Tomorrow is the start of Chatty Week. See you then.

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