Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 50: Charmin Chatty

Today's doll is Charmin Chatty.

She's the tallest member of the Chatty Family, and she stands about 25" tall. She was introduced into the line in 1963. Oddly enough, even though she was produced after Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, and Tiny Chatty's, she had a more primitive talking system in a way. Instead of just pulling a string, she had a slot in her side and spoke when records were inserted into the slot and her string was pulled. It was more primitive in a way, but also more versatile: Charmin' could have more sayings added when you bought another outfit, which came with records that included sayings having to do with the theme of the outfit. For instance her nurse set, tea party set,foreign lands, shopping, birthday party,etc.
  She came with either blonde or red hair.Her original outfit was a white sailor jacket, with a blue skirt with an attached blue and white striped shirt front, red knee socks, and saddle shoes.She also had cute black framed glasses, which unfortunately I don't have...YET!

This girl has one original sock and one original shoe, which her feet are sharing between them at the moment.I recently got another couple Charmin's, one blonde, and one red head. One of them was wearing a whole pair of saddle shoes! Whee!

I think her blouse and skirt are homemade, but they look cute on her.
  I read something recently that compared Charmin to Skipper's friend Skooter. And you know what? They do look almost exactly alike!

Skooter was introduced after Charmin Chatty, and she looks like somebody shrunk the Charmin mold.

Their profile is exactly the same, only the painting of the facial features is different. (Charmin', what's the deal with those eyebrows?)
  I forgot to look to see if their ears are the same. Maybe I'll reveal the answer to that spine tingling mystery tomorrow.I'm a little busy today, as Emma is coming for dinner and games.
  Tomorrow we'll see a couple of 'Piggy' Chatty Cathy dolls, (They have double ponytails.) , and Singing Chatty,and check out a size comparison of all the Chatty Types.

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