Friday, February 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 45: Straight Leg Ken (Shortie)

  Today we conclude Ken Week with a straight leg Ken from 1962.(Hey, he's my age.)
Looks like Ken has put on a little weight, (as Ken's are wont to do.), as his vest is pulling at the snaps a bit.

How do we know this guy is from 1962? He's what they call a 'Shortie' Ken. He's about 1/4" shorter than the other Ken's.
The previous Ken's have been going a bit casual, so today's guy decided to dress up a bit. He's wearing a Pak blazer and Pak vest with his white dress shirt and gray pants and what's probably somebody else's tie.

I have no idea why Mattel suddenly decided to shrink Ken.After this he went back to his usual size.

This guy is supposed to have slightly shorter legs and bigger knee caps, as well as bigger arms.

My sister and I both had brunette Ken dolls.

Ken faces vary so much. This guy reminds me very much of my childhood Ken we saw earlier this week.He has nice heavily painted lips and dark eyebrows.His blue eyes are just a bit pin pointy though.
I never had a blonde Ken until a couple of years ago. (Other than the 'Ken" I married!)

I decided I wanted one of the dolls I used to see in the catalogs. I still think of those catalog pictures when I see these blonde Ken's They seem foreign to me, something unattainable.
  So there you have Ken Week. Join me tomorrow for Skipper Saturday.

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