Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Doll-A-Day 49: Tiny Chatty Brother

  Due to family goings on I'm a bit late in posting 'today's' doll. But better late than never, and here he is. I'm sharing a favourite of mine with you. This is my Tiny Chatty Brother.
He's a bit worse for wear, but he does have all his original clothes.

He's wearing his original one piece play suit, hat, and booties made to look like shoes and socks.I have been afraid to clean his clothes in case they shrink or fall apart! I'm a lot less cautious with vintage dolls that weren't mine as a kid. If they fall apart, the worst thing is that I've ruined an antique. If anything happened to my childhood dolls I'd be heart broken.
He still has such a cute face.
He's around 15" tall,so he's even smaller than Chatty Baby.He also had a twin,Tiny Chatty Baby. I only seem to ever see Chatty Brother as a blonde, but I think Tiny Chatty Baby was also available as a brunette .
He's lost his top button and most of the lashes on one eye, but that's nothing to what's (not) under his hat!

I got him for my birthday when I was very small.In researching I see that he was supposed to have been introduced in 1962 or 63. I was born in 1962, but I must have gotten him when I was at least a year old. The thing is, I remember the day I got him. We lived out in the country. WAAAYYY out in the country. So we did a lot of catalog shopping, usually Spiegal or Fingerhut or Fosterhouse. Fosterhouse was cheap stuff like Santa Claus Soaps and plastic cup sets. Fingerhut is still around. I'm thinking he was from Spiegal though. That was the big catalog that, as kids, we did most of our Christmas, (and I guess birthday too), wishing with. I don't remember if I picked him out. I do know I was REALLY happy to get him. I think I must have asked for him. The day he came my mom hid his box around the side of the stove. I can remember her grin as I looked around the stove and saw him. I also remember that I was so happy that I grabbed him out of his box and rolled all around the kitchen floor with him in my arms. 

I never had any other clothes that fit him except a white flannel nightgown. It tied in the back, as a lot of doll clothes did back then. It made me think of a hospital gown though. Since it was the only other thing I had for him, he consequently spent a lot of time in 'the hospital'. (The hospital consisted of  the doll cradle with  the toy piano's stool next to it as a bedside table. I doctored him myself.)
I keep seeing this poor guy's brothers wearing dresses because people can't tell the difference between Tiny Chatty Brother and Tiny Chatty Baby.The big way you can tell the difference is, Tiny Chatty Brother has a part in his hair. This guy has more part than hair now.

He was one of my favourite dolls. I loved him to pieces, as you can see from his hair!It's the kind of doll hair that got sort of crispy and breaks off easily.He's missing eye lashes too.That actually started happening after I was grown up.
He has decal eyes, which actually look alot more matching than they appear in this picture! He is missing more of the lashes on his right eye every day.He still has his teeth though, which as a kid I loved to brush!

He did talk at one time, of course. Like Cathy and Chatty Baby he is a pull string talker.I still remember the moment he stopped talking. My cousin dropped him when we were playing and he hasn't spoken since. (Chatty brother that is. Not my cousin.) Maybe someday I'll get him repaired.
  Tomorrow we'll see the big kid of the bunch, Charmin' Chatty.

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