Monday, February 10, 2014

Just a regular post about a birthday and a couple of thrift store finds...

  Well, yesterday we celebrated Ken's birthday, (husband Ken, that is.), the way he likes best: eating. My birthday is next month, and I have to say, I am not eating nearly as much on my birthday.I know Ken looks forward to everybody's birthday as an excuse to get to eat out, but I may have to disappoint him. I'm satisfied to just have everybody home and hanging out together. Maybe a little treat or something, but no big deal as far as food. Ken likes to eat out for lunch and dinner on his birthday, (and I'm sure he'd do breakfast too if we could all stand it.) I can't fit in that much food in one day. I have to skip breakfast to do that.
  We started with lunch at an Indian restaurant we had never been to before. Unfortunately, we probably won't be there again either. It wasn't bad, but I think we all agreed that is was just there. It wasn't bad or good. It was just there. The food wasn't very spicy or flavourful.I have to say though, about four thousand people stopped by our table while we were there to see if everything was ok.
  Ken then made his planned stops at a Chinese and an Indian grocery. (I ran next door to the Chinese grocery to check out Tuesday Morning.As usual for my trips there, there was nothing particularly special in the doll department, reminding me how lucky I was to find 2 AI dolls and the J Doll that one day. I guess I'll give up hope of exchanging my Diamante La Calle for another J Doll.)
  We stopped at Target, where we got separated and I spent ages hanging out at the front registers waiting for somebody to show up.
  We finished off the evening at a steak place called The Top, where Ken got his favourite,prime rib. For a steak place I think the 4 vegetarians (That's everybody but Ken.) managed to fill ourselves quite well. They had really good brown bread with sweet butter,(Probably honey butter.). Everybody but Ivy got a salad. (NO! That is not what vegetarian usually eat! It's an unfortunate thing that alot of people can't think of anything to offer a vegetarian but a salad. We can eat alot of the things anybody else can, in some form anyway.) Ivy doesn't like salads, but then Ivy doesn't like most things.We shared, to varying extents, all of the other things we ordered, which were scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and onion rings.We actually did pretty well there. A lot of the meat places Ken has chosen to eat on his birthday, (That's the only time he picks a place he knows we'll have a harder time finding something to eat.), in the last few years, have had nothing we could eat except appetizers. Those can be good, but trying to make a whole meal out of them can get a little greasy and sickening.
  By the way, it is still freezing cold here and my feet were icey by the time we got home. (Emma drove us because our vehicles are both dead at the moment. Can't wait for that tax return!) Since it was Ken's birthday he earned "Shotgun", so I sat in the back and  got no foot heat.Our street is full of snow, since, as usual, the snow plow never comes down it. When we came home Emma proceeded to get her truck stuck in the snow and finally gave up and spent the night here. It took ages to get her unstuck this morning.We were told there was going to be a blizzard this week. Ken always says the weather gets worse around his birthday. If we do get snowed in, Ivy will love it. She's been getting spoiled with all the 2 hour delays and cancellations this winter.
  With all the doll-a-day posts I haven't been talking about much else lately. I haven't been out much since our unfortunate vehicle problems, but I have snuck out to Goodwill occasionally. I got this  perfect 1/6 scale planter at Goodwill and this 'part of a complete breakfast' at Salvation Army a week or so ago when I had Emma's truck for a couple of hours. Everything but the planter is a fridge magnet, and they were only 19 cents each.The milk is more like a very tall skinny gallon than a 1/6 half gallon. I think I'll spray the planter with a spray that makes things look like stone. I just hope I don't lose the detail when I do.

See you tomorrow with another Ken doll of the day.  

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