Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doll-A-Day 57: A Doll of My Own Making: The Girl in the Art Deco Dress

  Somehow I screwed my days up again! It was the same day for about 4 days in a row---twice! I have now fixed the problem and gotten myself back on track.
  We're going to have to sidetrack from the dolls of the Yard Sale Tale,since the camera has gone AWOL. (Actually, it has gone with Ken and Emma to NOT be used at Ken's birthday present, a concert by Sting and Paul Simon.It will return late tonight.)To insure that I stick with my schedule of a doll every day, I'm resorting to something I already have pictures of: a doll I made myself.And here she is.

Her head is wooden.She even has tiny thumbs.
She's  just over 2" tall.
I don't know what's going on here. She's the right way up in my pictures, I swear.

She has a felt covered wire armature, so she is poseable.
Her knees and elbows bend too, just not in this picture!

Her shoes are painted on, but she has cotton socks.
I love the fabric of her dress. It's very art deco.

She even has matching undies. By the way, I made the chair too.
I don't have much of that fabric, just a scrap, so I can't make very many things with it. She's the only thing I've used it for so far.

Her sash ties in the back. She's wearing a lace slip.See, her knees do bend.

I sell these dolls under my business name, Tamsykens.(I wanted a name that sounded like something small. 'Tamsykens' is Ken's nick name for me, and it sounded small---maybe that's what Ken was thinking when he started calling me that. I'm only 5 feet tall.) 
Tomorrow we should be back on schedule with the Yard Sale Tale batch of dolls.

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