Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 44: New Good Lookin' Ken

 Today's doll is New Good Lookin' Ken, from 1969. This is his original shirt and swim trunks.
You are soooo good looking.

"New Good Lookin'"? What was Mattel saying about all the previous Ken's? We have made some UGLY dolls before, but this new one is 'Good Lookin'!Sheesh!

When I got him he had somehow been squeezed into a red shirt from the good old skinny Ken era. It was super tight on the biceps.

I'm kind of expecting to see a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one of those sleeves...

This guy has the same head mold as New Good Lookin' Talking Ken from the previous year. In fact,Mattel must have thought this head mold was so 'Good Lookin' that all Ken's had this head until 1978!

Sorry Mattel. It wasn't that hot.

This is when Ken's still had bendable legs that actually bent.

He came with a stand that could be flipped over and double as a seat, and I love the blurb on his original box: "Stand me up or sit me down." Wow. He's full of play possibilities.
  See you tomorrow for the conclusion of Ken Week.

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