Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 35: Love Me Linda by Vogue

Today's Big Eye doll is Love Me Linda by Vogue Dolls.

Produced by Vogue in 1965,Linda stands 15" tall. She's all vinyl, with rooted hair and painted eyes.She's jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips.

She came with or without a  tear molded on one cheek.My doll doesn't have a tear.

That's just as well. I like Little Miss No Name's tear, which is a separate piece of clear plastic. A tear molded in the vinyl of her face would look kind of like a mole or something. Bleh.

 She was also sold by Sears as Pretty as a Picture, and that doll came with a small framed picture of herself.(She's "got tears in her ears, from laying on her back, crying over..." herself, apparently. That's an old hillbilly song by Homer and Jethro that my hillbilly parents used to sing, by the way.)

  Love Me Linda came in various outfits. My doll is wearing her original dress, (which could do with a wash, but I'm afraid I'll ruin it. Maybe when I get brave enough...),tights, and black velveteen shoes.

Her dress has a little cameo attached.

Linda has big eyes, and the one type even had a tear, but she's smiling. She just doesn't look sad.

She also didn't have one of those pitiful sayings on her tag like Lonely Lisa, or the motto on Little Miss No Name's box. Her tag just said, "Hi! I'm Love Me Linda". Well boo hoo. This is why she's a BIG eye doll, and not a Sad eye doll. You have to admit, they are big.
  Tomorrow we'll see another big eye doll from the 60's.


  1. What brand of doll that your maker can not find anywhere would love to know ??

    1. Not sure what the question is.She's made by Vogue.


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