Saturday, February 8, 2014

Doll-Day 39: Skipper Saturday: Straight Leg Red Head Skipper and a Short Photo Story

  Today's Skipper Saturday doll is a straight leg Skipper. She has red, or titian hair.(So named for the 6th century painter Tiziano Vecelli, called Titian, who often painted women with bright red hair.)
February, 1966.Skipper is excited. She's been saving her money for the latest Beatles album, since she didn't get it for Christmas like she asked.("If you want that junk, " Dad had said, "you're going to have to buy it yourself.")The trouble was that Mom and Dad make her put most of her allowance in her savings for college. Good thing Barbie pays well to be left alone when she's on the phone with Ken. Finally Skipper is on her way down to the local record shop to buy Rubber Soul.

She's wearing the vintage Skipper fashion Town Togs, from 1965-66, with the addition of  green ankle boots instead of the black flats.It is snowy, after all.

  Town Togs consists of a yellow turtle neck, a green felt jumper dress with matching coat, black and white checked socks (not tights),a matching hat, and black shoes.The green ankle boots were included with various Barbie and Francie outfits, and a Skipper shoe Pak.

When I got this 'Skipper' she was actually just a Skipper head. She had missing eyebrows, and lips too I think. She was not very nice, but she had such a pretty hair colour she deserved to be saved.

 I gave her new eyebrows, (They could be improved and I may change them at some point.I haven't sealed them in any way.),and touched up her eye shadow and lips.I hate to mess around with the original look of old things, but she had been changed so much already that I thought it would be ok to add a little blush to her.Then I popped her on a body and voila!
Waiting at the corner. That walk sign is taking it's time!

I love the way she looks with the blushy cheeks.
Back home Skipper throws her coat off and heads to the living room where she left her record player.Nobody's home yet and she has the house all to herself. Barbie's out with Ken, and Mom and Dad have gone to the Country Club.Plenty of uninterrupted listening time!

If Mom was home she'd make Skipper put her boots away neatly before doing anything else.And Dad wouldn't want to hear her new album!

Rubber Soul at last!
Skipper really needs to learn how to handle her records! No fingers on the record surface!
She pops the record on and checks out the song titles on the back cover.
All afternoon Skipper plays and replays the album.

"What's this song? Norwegian Wood". That's a weird sounding instrument.

And yes, she likes it.She's just laying back enjoying the music when she hears a key in the lock.

Mom calls from the doorway, "Skipper! Are you home? We're back."

Dad: "What's that noise?!"
  Thanks to Ivy for printing my little Rubber Soul album cover and record label for me. And by the way, that record does NOT fit on Skipper's turntable! Apparently she isn't supposed to play anything but singles on it!
   Tomorrow is Ken's birthday. (My Ken that is. Not the doll!) So in honour of that we'll be starting Ken Week, with a week long look at Ken's (the doll!) various incarnations.


  1. Skippper is so so beautiful! I wished it was mine :)

    And I really SAW it was February 1966 :)

    Oh, that record! I remember so well the time I had it new. My Mama had boght the Beatles records for me, I was a huge fan (of course in love with Ringo :D I always fell in love with the ones others did NOT choose), though I was too young for them, being born in 1963.
    She told me she learned to love them with me. When I was small, she and her collegues did speak not nice about them, the long hair! the noise!
    (She teached music, amongst other things), and when I grew up, she saw how wonderful they were, and started to love them, too.
    And she teased her collegues, how happy them (old and very harsh guys) would be, if the young ones of 1976 would have the hair as short, and if the music would have stayed so beautiful.

    I remember so well how I stood in the winter in the dark at the bus stop, waiting for the bus which brought me to scool, and had my head filled with the songs of the Beatles. Nothing else.

    ''Treasure these few words till we're together, keep all my love forever. P.S.:- I love you''.

    1. Thanks so much for your story. It really adds to the photostory!


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