Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 42: The Shirley Temple Dress Up Doll by Danbury Mint

  Interrupting  Ken week today.In remembrance of Shirley Temple I had to show a Shirley doll.This is the Shirley Temple Dress Up Doll by Danbury Mint.
I think this outfit is actually supposed to have white shoes.

She was produced in 1995, and stands about 16" tall. She came wearing the navy blue sailor dress, with matching hat and purse from the movie Poor Little Rich Girl.A multitude of other costumes from many of Shirley's movies were produced to go with the doll.
The Danbury Mint advertising flyer for The Shirley Temple Dress Up Doll.These are only a FEW of the outfits produced for the doll.They were pretty movie accurate too.

It was sort of like an Outfit of the Month club. Each month you were sent another outfit, with all accessories. You could even purchase a trunk to store them in. I had always wanted a Shirley Temple doll, and the doll was only $30. So, even though we had just bought our house and spent all our savings,Ken managed to squeeze out the money for me to buy her. The situation did however prevent me from buying the outfits. Recently I went to an auction, which I did a post about on January 16th,where I bought the trunk and a load of the outfits, as well as 6 porcelain Shirley dolls.

This outfit is from Our Little Girl.(Sorry about the saggy undies. I guess that elastic has seen better days.)
You know, really, it's not a good idea to keep a rabbit in your hat, no matter what magicians say.Trust me. I know what rabbits do, and you don't want it in your hat.
The little jacket is removable too.

Tomorrow we'll be back to Ken week.

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