Monday, February 17, 2014

Doll-A-Day 48: Chatty Baby

  Yesterday we saw Chatty Cathy. Today we're having a look at her baby sister, Chatty Baby.

She's wearing her original outfit, minus her booties.

Yesterday's doll of the day was this Chatty Cathy. Today is her sister Chatty Baby. I got both from their original owner. It's a Yard Sale Tale.

This Chatty Baby is so minty.The lady who owned her as a child preferred her cars and trucks to dolls.

She has such a clean face, with pink cheeks and lips.

Her hair is shiny and soft,and her clothes are so minty too. (Except maybe for those saggy underwear...) She even has all her eye lashes.

Like Chatty Cathy, she has those cute little teeth.Sometimes they are missing, but you can buy replacement teeth. Hey,they're over 50, ok? Lot's of people over 50 buy replacement teeth.

She has her original booklet too.

Chatty Baby was introduced in 1962, the same year that I was.Unlike Cathy, who came in several hair colours throughout her 'life', Chatty Baby was only ever available as a blonde or a brunette.Like Cathy, there was also an African American version available.They had the same head mold and were just made with brown vinyl.
She has 'decal eyes'.

She measures about 18" tall. My doll no longer talks, but, like Cathy, she is a pull string talker.
  Tomorrow we'll have a look at Tiny Chatty Brother, one of my childhood dolls.

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