Thursday, April 24, 2014

BIG Doll Show Coming Up This Sunday

  Well, today was slightly chilly, but as I was hanging laundry I noticed that our pear tree is blooming after all. Soon it will be covered with beautiful, but extremely smelly white flowers.(Pear blossoms smell like what I can only describe as rotten skunk.)Somewhere around the end of August/beginning of September we will hopefully have some sweet, juicy pears.
  This Sunday is the BIG doll show in Columbus, Ohio.

Last October's Columbus doll show. You can't even see HALF the room in this picture!
If anybody wants to shop a ginormous doll show, this is the one. I have been told by a doll artist who sold at the show a year or so ago that this show is bigger than the United Federation of Doll Collector's show.There are three or four levels in a giant room, all filled with tables and displays. The show is open 10AM to 4PM, and is at the Aladdin Shrine Center,3850 Stelzer Road,Columbus, Ohio 43219.I'll be there with Ken and probably, Ivy, selling all sorts of dolls and doll items. If anybody wants to stop and say hello,we'll be the one's with the Tamsykens display of miniature dolls and furniture. I may not be at the table, as I like to SHOP the show! Remember too, Ken looks like Einstein. (Crazy hair and a mostache.) If you see a guy selling that looks like Einstein, that's our table!

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