Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doll-A-Day 102: Skipper Saturday:Straight leg Skipper in All Spruced Up

This week's Skipper Saturday doll is this beautiful titian Straight leg Skipper.

She's wearing  All Spruced Up from 1967.

All Spruced Up consists of the sailory dress, hat,lace stockings, black shoes, and a white purse.I don't have the purse or the stockings...yet.
Of course. The One Hair. It's my trademark.
I don't think this hat ever fits, no matter how good your hat is!

Is anybody else getting Dana Scully from this picture?

I definitely need an upgrade to this outfit, but I like it. As I said before, I like sailor inspired clothes.

I really need to at least replace the few stitches that are missing from the ribbon(sewing it to the collar), replace one missing button,and iron the tie.
Her hair really is this unusual orange colour.

In spite of her haircut I really love this doll. She's one of my favourites. She's so pretty, and she has the most amazing hair colour. It looks like she was rooted with Color Magic hair, but she doesn't have the tell tale brunette painted scalp. Hers is painted orange.
That one hair really would just not stay out of her face, in spite of repeated attempts to make it do so!

I love her so much I'm now going to bombard you with close ups. Ready? Boom!

Hey! No One Hair!

Tomorrow we'll take a look at what I got at the flea market today.

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