Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 120:A Doll of My Own Making: Handmade Miniature Regency Lady

  Today I'm showing you another of the dolls I made.This one is under three inches tall.
If I make another one I'd like a more floaty fabric for the dress.

 She's sort of a Regency era lady. I wanted her to be in the style of an antique peg doll.
 Kind of like this one.

 I probably shouldn't have used the flesh looking clay, but I still like how she came out.

I even made the roses on her bonnet...and her bonnet.

She is actually jointed.

Her bonnet comes off too. In  the front she has painted curls.
The curls in back are three dimensional.

She has lacy pantalettes and painted on brown shoes. Having the white under skirt a full skirt made her too bulky, so I settled on an insert.
Her tiny bonnet is made of a piece of vintage fabric that has a broad weave to look more like a straw bonnet.It fits on my pinkie, and I have small hands.

She's still available for sale, as of today.

   I seem to have what's been going around and I have a massive headache and feel lousey. It's also Ken's night off, so not spending much time here is necessary today!At the beginning of the year I had this dumb idea to post a different doll every day.I have made it to 120 days! I keep threatening to quit, because of the time and effort involved in doing this every day. Then Ken calls me a quitter! So I keep going,because I SAID I was going to do this. (Stupid me!) When I reach the end of the year I'm going back to regular blogging, and only posting when I have something specific to say or show! I'm almost a third of the way there. I'm not a quitter!!


  1. Elizabeth Bennet! Actually , I think of Sense and Sensibility with this one, but I'm drawing a blank on their names without using google.

    1. Yeah. Elizabeth Bennett is Pride and Prejudice. But then, I'm sure you know that. You were here last night. When did you look at this?


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