Thursday, April 24, 2014

Doll-A-Day 114: Walking My Dolly Tutti

Today is a quick post, with a doll you will have seen in my Mrs. Beasley post. It's Walking My Doll Tutti, from 1966.

Her dress and polka dot bloomers are very like the Tutti sized Buffy's.

Her dress is slightly different from Buffy's and can be identified in the following ways:
Tutti tag inside the dress
shorter, more gathered skirt
Walking My Dolly Tutti came with a hat too, similar to Skipper's Red Sensation hat, only with flowers on the ends of the ribbons. She had white socks and red shoes, which I'm missing. (Tutti socks and shoes are the hardest parts of the outfits to find, of course.) She also came with a tiny doll in a pink carriage.

There were a lot of blonde Tutti's, but only one with this particular hairdo. She has sort of a top knot.
There was a later Walking My Dolly set made for the European market. The doll and her outfit were totally different and the carriage was red instead of pink.
See you tomorrow!

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