Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doll-A-Day 105: A Russian Boy

  This morning our town woke to a covering of snow---AGAIN! My poor daffodils, that had bloomed so prettily, are drooping under the weight of the snow. The budding lilac bushes are dripping with icicles.It's COLD. Fortunately I don't think the pear tree has done much budding yet, or I could be sure of having no pears this year. It's still in doubt anyway, with the shortage of bees and the squirrels who take one bite of an unripe pear and let it drop to the ground. Here's a picture Ken took early this morning of Harding Memorial. (That's President Harding. He and his wife are actually in there.)

So, today's doll should be ready for the cold, I thought. So here is a nice little Russian fellow.

He says even Russia should be having Spring by this time of year.
Notice the wild violets in the snow at his feet in these last two pictures.
He's about 10" tall. I got him and another Russian doll, (not the one I featured recently.), at a church sale a couple of years ago,so I don't know anything about him. Like the Russian doll I showed you recently, he is also very cheaply made,but his head doesn't even turn.
Hopefully these dolls are made strictly as souveniers and aren't intended for children to play with. They wouldn't last 5 minutes.As I said before, they're cute though.I do like the skin tone they get with this plastic. 
Here he is showing you the huge icicles dripping from the clothes line that I dried clothes on only yesterday. (Before it rained suddenly and wet them again.)

Here he is showing you the icicles on the lilac bush by my back door...

...and the snow on my car...

...and the snow covering my recently recovering garlic...

and the snow on the trees...

...and the snow and ice on the drooping daffodils.
This guy has a problem far worse than the One Hair. He just can't seem to keep that hunk of hair, (The rest is a 'fur' hat I think.), out of his face!

 Tomorrow I have to go with Dad for his barium swallow test. (Ew! Poor Dad!) Hopefully it will be warmer for him to go out!

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