Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Doll-A-Day 99: It's Me! Going to School

  First of all, welcome to our new follower! Hola Maria! (And sorry Maria, but that's about the extent of my Spanish. If you are reading the untranslated version of my blog you have my undying admiration!)
  Today's doll is one of the It's Me! series of dolls made by The Family Company in 1998. She's It's Me! Going to School.
Didn't you hate it when your Mom made you wear a raincoat on a nice day because it might rain?

The It's Me! dolls are supposed to represent "growing-up moments to treasure"  in a girl's life, such as going to school, courage, friendship,family traditions, special pets, etc.

The back of her box.

Each It's Me! doll comes with a small hard cover book about her particular experience/subject.This doll also comes with her lunch box, and is dressed in a raincoat,cute old fashioned school jumper,cotton blouse,socks, and saddle shoes.

There's some pretty smocking detail on the jumper.

Under her dress she's wearing shorts, like a lot of little girls do so they can play as they please at recess.

Or you can remove her dress and she's dressed in comfy play clothes.

Sorry about the sagging shorts! They slipped when I was taking her jumper off and I didn't notice until I was looking at her after the picture was taken. Still a cute picture though, if you ignore the sagging shorts.
  She stands about 9" tall. Though she's about the same size as a Skipper or Stacie doll, she has a bigger head and figure and is completely out of scale for them.
  Her head and arms are strung, so there is a bit of play in her arms.

This picture makes me think of my favourite thing to play in elementary school: monkey bar tag. They wouldn't let kids play that nowdays! I don't think there are even monkey bars anymore! 

Her head can tilt.

Her legs only move back and forth though.
"Oh look! The Daffodils are coming up"

"They're uhh...a bit tall."

"Those are daffodils, aren't they?"

"I must be seeing things!"
Her eyes are inset, probably plastic.
Looks like they might have been thinking of painting teeth on these dolls and changed their minds. I haven't seen any with teeth, but the mouth seems to have been molded that way.
The hair is a wig, not rooted.

These dolls have such sweet, children's faces. Unfortunately, although they came with various hair and eye  colours, they all had the same head mold. They still managed to get some different looks with them though.
Looks like she's on her way to the bus.This picture looks more like Fall than Spring. All these pictures were taken within a minute or two of each other, but they look like different times of year! 

Tomorrow's another doll...

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