Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day 95: Skipper Saturday: Straight Leg Skipper in Rain or Shine

  April is famous for 'April Showers',(and we are certainly getting them!), thus this month's theme is "April Showers", and I'll be featuring as many dolls in raincoats as I can lay my hands on.
  This week's Skipper Saturday doll is this straight leg titian Skipper.

Her shoulder flap won't stay down.

She has a really beautiful face, with great colouring.

 She does have a problem with her bangs. They don't want to lay down!

I can't be blamed for The One Hair in these pictures. It was so windy she couldn't stand up most of the time. I had to be ready to grab her if I let go for a second. That's why there aren't many full length pictures of her. I had to hang on to her! In the end, her hat even blew off.

The lighting outside on days like this makes her hair appear an even brighter orange than it really is. I know what that's like!!

These bangs make her a perfect candidate for an outfit with a hat!

She's wearing Rain or Shine, from 1965-66.

Rain or Shine consists of the yellow rain coat with belt and matching hat, white rain boots, and the umbrella with a yellow tassel.

Rain or Shine coordinates with Barbie's Stormy Weather. In fact, both fashions use the same boots and umbrella.

That hat is really hard to keep on.
See you tomorrow for more rainy weather fashions!

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