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Doll-A-Day 112: Review of Pinkie Cooper:Pinkie in London

  Today I'm reviewing the Pinkie Cooper doll Pinkie in London, distributed by BridgeDirect.

Pinkie and friends come in these cute boxes that look like a doll case.

The box has this sturdy handle with the Pinkie logo. The cool design of the box is a bit wasteful, since most people buying the doll are going to throw away the box, and probably adds quite a bit to the price. It makes the whole product more appealing though, which of course is what they were going for.

The back of Pinkie's box. The style of the artwork---and the fact that Pinkie is a dog---makes me think of My Little Pony.
I've been looking at the Pinkie Cooper dolls for a while. I wasn't completely sure if I liked them or not! They're a little strange, being anthropomorphic,or non human with human attributes. It's kind of bizarre to see a dog with human legs. They are kind of cute though, and I loved the colourful raincoat on London Pinky. Target recently had the Pinkie dolls marked down to ten or eleven dollars, so I was keeping an eye on them. When Emma and I stopped at a Target on the way home on Record Store Day, Saturday, and they had them marked down to $5.98, I jumped on it.
Once the tape circles are peeled or cut the insert slides out like this.

The first time I saw Pinkie Cooper I immediately thought of Peteena.
Peteena, "The poodle in a bikini", was made by Hasbro in 1966, under license from a Japanese company.She's highly collectable today.
There were 5 fashions available for Peteena, including a ski outfit, an evening gown, and a raincoat outfit.
I have read other reviews of Pinkie which said she was super easy to get out of her box. I must have a problem, because I thought it was hard, unless I wanted to totally demolish her pretty box. She was secured with thread on her ponytails...

...plastic on her hands, and some of those clear rubber band things. But the worst things were the heavy duty plastic cable tie things:
They're way stronger than normal cable ties, plus they are clear and shiny! on her dog, Li'l Pinkie, and two on Pinkie herself. I could barely get scissors under or around things to cut them.Her hands had to be slid from the hole in the hard plastic holding them to the slit where I could slide them out, and I was afraid I was going to break her elbow joint.

  Finally I got Pinkie free of the confounded box!

I love the colour combination in Pinkie's rain gear.

Her coat has some nice details. It closes with velcro, but look at those tiny little buttons.
 Her accessories include a hair brush shaped like her head,a camera, an umbrella, and her dog, Li'l Pinkie.
There is also a London travel sticker. You can see it in the picture of the box, above Li'l Pinkie's head.

The camera has a stiff strap that is too short for her to ever get over her head.(And I don't know anybody with a chain camera strap.) Ken would loudly disapprove of her carrying her camera over one shoulder! (I get yelled at all the time for not putting the strap around my neck. "You could drop it!") It's bent in such a way that she almost has to wear it on her right shoulder. It won't stay on the other one anyway because of the extra shoulder flap on the left shoulder. Look. That One Hair had to show up somewhere.

The umbrella is rubber with a plastic handle and doesn't open. It would have been nice if it had at least been cloth.

With her tiny high heeled feet, there is no way she can stand up on her own, with or without shoes.

 Pinkie has a hat and raincoat,and hot pink rubber boots.Little Pinky just has a coat. But then, Li'l Pinkie is a dog.'s Pinkie.(If Mickey Mouse can have a pet and a best friend who are both dogs, plus they are all his size, then why not?)
Li'l Pinkie is so cute. When I was a kid I probably would have bought a toy that looked like her all by herself. But then, I had an obsession with Bandit, from Jonny Quest too.

Pinkie has nothing on under her raincoat. A simple dress would have been nice, so she could take her coat off. At least she has molded on underwear.

  Her legs click like Barbie legs, and her head rotates so she can look up and tilt it to the side. She's not quite as good at looking down.

She has little spots on her legs.
I said she had human feet, but Ivy pointed out that dogs have feet like this anyway. Pinkie is designed by Carter Bryant, who designed the Bratz dolls, which explains why Pinkie has feet like a Bratzillaz doll.

I like the blushy places on her arms and legs.

She's articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, and hips.Her arms rotate at the shoulders and elbows.

The base of her hair pieces shows a bit too much, but the hair is soft and smooth, easy to comb, and not the kind that tangles very easily.

She has doggy paws!
Lots of nice details on her little dog face.She also has long rooted eyelashes.Her eyes are painted, but they are so shiny they sometimes look inset.
Painted doggy nails and  heart shaped paddies.
Her ears are removeable, so she can  trade ears with her friends,and they are two colours,so they can be turned around for a different look. They are beige on one side and brown on the other.If you pop them out and reverse them she can change her hair colour.(Reminds me of Tuesday Taylor's revolving scalp.)Her hat has ear holes in it for the ear pegs to go through.
Without her hat she has a little bald doggy head.

Do we really need instructions on how to change the ears?
Li'l Pinkie had clear plastic under her ears to keep them from scratching her head. Like Pinkie, her ears are removeable. Pinkie can trade ears with her friends Ginger and Pepper, and Li'l Pinkie can trade ears with the dogs of Pinkie's friends.(I checked though, Pinkie and Li'l Pinkie can't trade ears with each other.Hey! It was just a thought!)

Li'l Pinkie's raincoat is removeable too. It closes with velcro.

Her head turns side to side,(and in fact, all the way around, although why you'd want to do that I don't know.She's not a Linda Blair dog!) and her ears can be put in different positions..

Additional accessories I might have suggested: a leash for Li'l Pinkie, a purse to match the raincoat and hat, and,as I said, a dress. Peteena had a tail, which was removeable so she could be dressed. A fluffy tail for Pinkie would have been cute.
Both dolls are sooo cute.I think I especially love Li'l Pinkie!
Now here are some more pictures of Pinkie and Li'l Pinkie, just because they are so photogenic!

 This post has ended up being so late because my computer is a moron!Oh well.
Tomorrow, another day, another doll.

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