Sunday, April 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 103: Flea Market Finds: Brunette Short Flip Francie

  So yesterday my friend Lori and I went to the HUMONGOUS flea market. It got pretty warm and I was sorry I wore a turtle neck. No kidding. It finally felt like warm weather had come. I even ended up with the tops of my hands red from the sun, and my classic: sunburned eyeballs.The part in my hair is a little tender too. Nothing bad though. I don't burn easily.
 I made a few good finds.Here are some of them.

This Lady Lavender Tea Party Kiddle was $1.

She's dirty, and of course I didn't notice until I got home that she's got a hand nub instead of a right hand. I could rebody her, but she has painted on shoes that would be missing with a random body. She has all of her outfit though, and her head is nice enough to consider rebodying, or making a Tutti friend out of.
And this Francie was part of the 2 for $5 dolls the lady had in a box.

As was this Disney Jane doll. She's a different one than I'm familiar with. I figured she was Disney, but until I got her home and saw the "Burroughs and Disney" on the back of her I didn't recognize her as Jane.

 I really like her though. She's molded with an open mouth, which is unusual. Her hair is red too, which you know I like.
So far we're at $6 with this lady.
They were pretty grungy.Francie's legs click three clicks and hold two.

I also bought this Cabbage Patch Koosa figure from her for $1.

I have seen a lot of the Cabbage Patch doll figures, but never a Koosa. It's cute, and the perfect size to be a doll for a 1/6 scale kid. 
The lady I got Francie and friends from threw in these clothes for 50 cents.

I think the pink thing is Dawn and the yellow one is Barbie. I think. I can't find them in my research. If anybody knows what they are, please let me know.
Here's Francie after an initial  clean up. Her hair is still wet.

She has put on a nice clean dress. Ahhh...(The dress came from a yard sale last summer, which you can read about in my post titled Fantastic Finds of the Week, from August 6th, 2013.)
Her face is slightly paled, and she definitely needs her lips redone. Her eyelashes actually look pretty good.They're all there.

She feels much better now.She has no green and her hair seems to be all there. I wish I could actually do hair, but I did my best. She's not bad.In a minute I'll show you how she turned out after her rehabilitation.
 I also got a Lalaoopsy treehouse for $1.And finally, after searching everywhere for another Meygana Broomstix to replace the one I got that had one slightly off eye, I found one at the flea market!When Emma and I went to Toledo Friday night to see Red Green, I found a Core Meygana at the Toledo Walmart too.I think now I have all but 2 of the Meyganas, and Ivy has one of those.(The glow in the dark Midnight Beach Meygana.)
  Now, here is Francie after her makeover. I think she came out really well. I didn't redo her upper lip, because it was all there. I only redid the lower lip and blushed her cheeks.

As you can see, my daffodils are blooming. Is it finally Spring? It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

I also got a tomato plant at the flea market.I love those big, acidic Beefsteak tomatoes!

Not bad for $2.50.
Until tomorrow...


  1. I'm no expert, but I'd say that Francie is probably worth at least $50

    1. Well,thanks Em. No need to mention that to your dad...


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