Friday, April 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 101: Straight Leg Skooter in Rainy Day Checkers

  Today's doll is a brunette straight leg Skooter.

 Skooter was the first friend produced for Skipper.She was short lived though. She was only produced for a couple of years, 1965-67. In spite of her short run, Skooter is fairly plentiful, and a nice Skooter can be had fairly cheaply.I think Skooter has the most cartoonish face of any Barbie family or friends doll ever made. Maybe that's why she was discontinued. She's so cute though. If you read my post on Charmin Chatty, you'll know that Skooter and Charmin are practically identical, just different sizes.
She's wearing the Skipper fashion Rainy Day Checkers from 1966.

Rainy Day Checkers consists of a plaid dress, felt vest, thigh high red socks,black shoes,and a tiny set of checkers and a checker board.
The vest is felt. I have the feeling this one has been washed. Be very careful when washing these old doll clothes. Most of the felt is wool, not like felt is these days, and it will shrink and/or prune up.
  There is so much nice detail in this outfit. These vintage clothes were made so well.

I don't have the checkers and board. As you can imagine, those are the hard pieces to find, and are more expensive than the pieces of the outfit.

 I'll be running on very little sleep for the next couple of days. Emma and I are off soon for Toledo to see Red Green live. (What will that be like?) Then I have to get up super early tomorrow to go to the flea market with Lori. I have updated yesterday's post with a few more pictures of the 100 dolls. I figured it took so much time and trouble I wanted to get as much as possible out of it!
Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday again!

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