Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 119: 4 Ever Best Friends Noelle

  Today's doll just got her brief photo shoot in before a whopper of a thunderstorm, with warning sirens and all. Here she is.She's Noelle, a 4 Ever Best Friends doll by MGA.
Please ignore my extra clothesline tied up in the tree...As you can see, her arms can spread straight out, as well as move back and forth. Some of the 4 Ever Best Friends have swively wrists too.

 I'm not sure if she has had a haircut or not, but I think she's cute this way.
They have sweet faces.
MGA are the same people who make Lalaoopsy dolls,Bratz and Moxie Girlz.(Boy, MGA likes to end names with 'z', don't they?)
"These pear blossoms are so pretty. I wonder if they smell good too?"

"Mmm---Pew! These things stink!" This is totally a joke. If you were that close to a pear blossom you'd already KNOW they stink, no sniffing neccessary. As soon as you walk into the yard you can smell them. They smell absolutely rotten.
Noelle is 9 and a half inches tall, about the same as a Bratz or Moxie Girlz doll. The 4 Ever Best friends dolls have attached feet though, which is a plus, if you ask me.
So she can just change her shoes, or go barefoot if she wants.

She's also about the same scale as those dolls, only with chunkier, more little girl legs. I think these doll are supposed to be younger than Moxie Girlz, but why do they have sparkly eye shadow then?

 The 4 Ever Best Friends share accessories with Bratz dolls. Alot of the things they came with were exactly the same as Bratz things. They can not, however, share clothes.

I still need to show the last of my doll show goodies, so hang in there. See you tomorrow for another doll.

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