Thursday, April 10, 2014

Doll-A-Day 100: Day of 100 Dolls

  My son pointed out yesterday that today would be my 100th day for Doll-A-Day, and that I should do something special. Unfortunately, everybody had the same DUMB idea for what I should do, and even more unfortunate, it was a good idea.That idea? "Don't you have 100 of something?" Well, duh. My Skipper collection,(including Skipper friends). So here they are in somewhat less than all of their glory.Actually, this is only most of them, but not all. Some you will have seen before, and some you will see again another day in more detail. Enjoy.
100 Skipper and friends dolls.They don't all show very well.Too crowded.

  This is the first time I have used our new camera. I think the pictures look great.The quality is so much better than our old one.
The two Living Skippers in front are wearing two different versions of Budding Beauty.

Seems to be something of a pajama party going on on the left.

Tomorrow is the first of my second 100. I can't believe I've carried it on this far. Even more amazing is that after featuring 100 dolls,I have so many more to show. That's surprising even to me! Luckily Skipper is not a very big girl!

I've added a few more pictures. I'm still figuring out how to get that new camera to focus on what I want!

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