Friday, April 25, 2014

Doll-A-Day 115:Pink Skinned Straight Leg Skooter

Quick posts this week, as I'm trying to get things ready for the big doll show on Sunday. (And trying to talk Emma into going to the doll auction tomorrow!)
  Keeping with the 'quick' idea, today's doll is one I could grab easily! She's pink skinned straight leg Skooter, in her original swim suit.
She's missing her red hair ribbons.

Skooter was Skipper's first, although short lived, friend,introduced in 1965 and discontinued in 1967.
This girl is starting to lose the pink from her lips. Like some Skipper's, the lip paint can change from pink to yellow, or even become invisible over time.

She came in blonde, brunette, or titian, just like Skipper, although Skooter always seems to have crispier hair than Skipper. Maybe that's because her hair needed to hold a curl, in the ends of her ponytails.

She was originally produced as a tan skinned straight leg doll, but was later produced as a pink skinned straight leg, and after that, as a tan skinned bend leg doll.

She even made it far enough to be produced as a pink skin bend leg before she disappeared.

In the Barbie books written in the 60's,Skipper goes "to Skooter and Ricky's house". So Skooter and Ricky were siblings.

Skooter originally came in this two piece bathing suit. Bend leg Skooter advanced to a ruffled crop top and denim shorts.

 This swim suit has a tendency to lose the little metal belt 'buckle' from the bottoms, and the top rolls up and/or stretches out at the shoulders.

Skooter never had any fashions produced especially for her, with her own tag inside.She did have one gift set, Skooter Cut 'N Button Costumes. The set was a Sears exclusive. It contained the makings of a dress with cute sailboats on it, a red coat, and a night gown and cap set.Kids could make the clothes themselves without sewing. They were like the Sew Free clothes sets produced for Barbie, and had real buttons and a buckle for the coat's belt.I know I'll never afford the set in box, but I would like to get the clothes, especially the dress and coat,some day.It would be nice if my Skooters had something of their own.

Tomorrow's Skipper Saturday will be another quick post with a handy Skipper doll!

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