Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doll-A-Day 92: A Doll 0f My Own Making---Since This Stupid Computer is Still Not Working--- Yellow Fairy

Well we're still having Spring-like weather. That makes two whole days in a row! How long can this last?!
  The computer still won't let me take the pictures from the camera, so I'm once again relying on pictures I already have. This little fairy is another miniature doll I made.

  As you can see, she's just under 2" tall. Her dress is made from a yellow (silk) flower.

She has a wooden head, hand painted with acrylics and sealed with a clear, non-yellowing glaze.I'm pretty sure I gave her mohair hair.

Her body is a felt covered wire armature, so she is poseable.Everything is bendy, but she can't turn her head.

She has detailed fingers and toes.

She even has wings.

Fairies like to hang out in trees, right?

She was a special order for a customer who didn't pay for her. I heard from her a year later. She wanted to know if she could still buy her and I said yes. She didn't pay for her then either, so she's still available people!
Someday I'll get to putting more things on Etsy and Ebay. She'll be under my business name, Tamsykens.
We'll see if the computer is letting me get to new pictures tomorrow.

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