Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doll-A-Day 91: April Fool! It's Fuzzy the Doll!

  Computer problems today have kept me from even writing until now, and I certainly can't do anything else. I can't even get my pictures off the camera! So I am forced to steal from myself, and use pictures from the blog for today's doll.
  I wanted a doll that would be a good representative of April Fool's Day, and I could think of no doll in this house that exemplified the spirit of April Fool's Day better than Fuzzy the Doll. You may have seen Fuzzy in my Halloween photo story. He's my son's doll, and he has quite a personality.

Fuzzy the Doll in the apple bobbing tub, wearing his nose glasses.

  When Emma was 6 years old I made her an "Emma the Doll", with her face on it. Fuzzy was 2, and he wanted a doll of himself. Fuzzy the Doll started life as a sweet little Tommy doll, whose hair I coloured orange. (He already had my Fuzzy's bowl haircut.) Both Emma and Fuzzy the Dolls developed personalities, which, thankfully, were far removed from the real Emma and Fuzzy. Fuzzy the Doll became well known for doing weird things, like hanging upside down by his 'hanging boots', and packing his suitcases for vacation with piles of money and all the weaponry he could fit in.(Why do boys have an obsession with weapons? I never let Fuzz play with toy guns, and yet, he would create them out of other things.)   
 As you can see, he no longer has the bowl haircut.He no longer has fingertips either!They have both been truely loved off of him.
  Emma and Fuzzy the Dolls became like members of the family. When I 'invited' Fuzzy the Doll to The World family's Halloween party for the photo story, Fuzzy dressed him for me.He's 18 now, but the outfits he put on all his dolls for me were still pretty typical of the way they always looked,(Including the nose glasses!) I returned the dolls to him as they were dressed for the party. When I asked Fuzz today if I could borrow Fuzzy for Doll-A-Day,he gave him to me and I discovered that he had redressed everybody after the party. Fuzzy was wearing red Tommy overalls, Hockey Tommy's shirt,the orange vest his best friend 'Little Purple" is wearing in the picture above, (Fuzzy got Little Purple for his 3rd birthday. He decided Little Purple was the son of Emma's Very Velvet Christie doll, whom she had named Mrs. Purple, thus he must be Little Purple.),orange shoes, and a big orange hat he got on 'vacation' in the 'Himalayas'! (As well as the nose glasses! Plus he had a dagger and a space gun tucked in his overalls!) Boys!
Fuzzy the Doll and his guide start up the Himalayan mountains in this picture from the doll's vacation emails.
  We'll see if the computer works tomorrow!

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