Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Doll-A-Day 113: Brunette Tutti in Puddle Jumpers

  I'm still continuing this months "April Showers" theme, even though we have had several sunny days. Today's doll is a brunette Tutti.She's wearing the Tutti fashion Puddle Jumpers from 1966
Well, she's wearing all of it except one boot. Where did that thing go?


You know how it is when the weather is nice and your Mom still makes you wear your raincoat!
Tutti wanted to show you that our lilacs are budding. I can't wait!

Tutti was introduced in 1966, as Barbie's littlest sister. Later that year Tutti got a twin brother named Todd. (That was a looong labour!)
There are ways around that raincoat thing though, and kids will find them. First the hat goes, and the next thing you know, the boots are off. Or in this case,boot.

Tutti originally came as a blonde or brunette, but was available as a red head in two gift sets.She was never available separately as a red head. Todd was only available as a red head,and only came in the Sundae Treat set with Tutti, and separately in 1967. Several outfits were produced for Tutti, as well as sets containing a doll and an accessory, like Cookin' Goodies, which had a stove,Swing-a-ling, which had a swing, and Night Night, Sleep Tight, which had a bed.There was even a bedroom set with a bed and rocking chair. Tutti had a friend too, Chris, who was introduced in 1967.
It's Spring. What kid wouldn't want to run and play in the sun?
Tutti's body is a rubber covered wire armature. The wires have a high copper content, and more often than not they have turned at least some spots on the bodies of Tutti and Todd and friends green or blue. You can see this on this Tutti's right leg in the first couple of pictures.

Darn kids! Tutti! Get away from that water!

The wires were also prone to breaking, making the dolls lost their poseablity. They would also work their way out of the tips of fingers and the bottoms of feet. Many of the dolls made with these bodies have had their wires pulled out and now have weird floppy rubber bodies!

Later Tutti's came with 'high colour' cheek blush and bright lips,like our girl today.(Although she has paled a bit, a common occurrence with mod era dolls.) 

Puddle Jumpers is notorious for going stiff and curling up. This one is still amazingly soft and supple.

I don't see how it could make any difference, but this Puddle Jumpers raincoat is lined with a variation fabric. Usually the lining is a white background with blue roses, but this one is lined with the fabric from Skipper's Let's Play House dress.

Tutti, and all the dolls with this type of body were discontinued in the U.S. in 1971 because the wired bodies were considered dangerous.They continued to be sold in Canada and Europe, with somewhat thicker,harder rubber bodies until the late 1970's.The wires don't seem to turn green in these other bodies, as far as I know,or break as easily. The not breaking may be due to the fact that they're so gol derned hard to bend at all! The thicker rubber also makes the dolls look a little log legged...and log armed.
  For years Barbie rode along with only one sister: Skipper. When she regained a littler little sister the kid was mysteriously named 'Stacie', not Tutti. Tutti must have laughed when Stacie disappeared too. But Stacie came back. No such luck for Tutti. I think it would be interesting to see a reproduction Tutti. They must have figured out a way to make her bendy and safe. Maybe a collector's tutti wouldn't have to meet those safety criteria anyway.

On a sunny Spring day it's so nice to just sit and take in the warmth of the sun after the long winter. And I do mean LOOOONG!

 Tutti is enjoying the breeze and the sun on her face.
  That breeze picked up a bit, as you can see.Today it's The Two Hairs!


Kids will be kids, and Tutti is already tired of just sitting and she's getting distracted.

Tutti! Come back! The kid's always running off.Oh well. See you tomorrow.

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