Friday, April 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 94: Little Girl in Flowered Raincoat

  Well, Ken seems to have fixed the problem and I can take the pictures off the camera again!
  Today's doll is one of those cute little 60's dolls that you probably only see once and think "That's a cute doll.", but could never find again, because no one knows who made it.

She's about 6 inches tall,chubby, with a big head. I had several dolls similar to this one when I was a kid.

I don't remember where I got this doll. It was in the last few years. I love her raincoat.

The raincoat is made of thin, soft vinyl.

She is only wearing undies under it, and shoes and socks.

She has strawberry blonde hair and freckles.

Tomorrow is another Skipper Saturday. See you then.
***Read the story of how this girl found a home and was 'reunited' with an old friend, by starting with the comments and then going HERE.***


  1. I have been looking for this doll for a bizillion was my favourite doll when i was a little girl. Any chance you remember where you found it? Or would you be willing to part with it? Please let me know. Thanks so much!!!!

    1. Awwww.How can I come between someone and their childhood doll?! I like her, (She looks like several dolls I have from my childhood.). and I love her raincoat, but not like you will I'm sure. Send me your email address, (which I will not publish.), and we'll discuss the details privately.

  2. It is so, so very touching what I read here. You both are so sweet :) I love how you long for your childhood doll-
    and I love how you are willing to part from the doll, because somebody longs for her :)

    I want to tell you, I am sure she was made by Plasty, Neulussheim, Germany (Former: Fiedler and Podey). I have her several times, she is common in Germany, and I got her always cheap, two of three time in a BUNDLE, complet for only 1 Euro.
    Plasty did not sign the dolls (only the later Petras,the german Barbies, but not from the start, too), so I cannot swear. But I got her several times together with other plasty dolls, all time five or so, and each from Plasty. And why should she be so common here, if you did not get her cheap and from 'next door'?
    I love the Plasty stuff. The doll is sweet, too. SHe comes in different hair colours.

    I once had a doll, which looks a little bit like her, but a little bit more pouty, straight hair, baby body, and better material. I got her, when I was five and suffered from Measles. But I never found her again (a nasty huge poodle which used to visit us mauled her). Her name was Esther, she had Ester Ofarim's wonderful brown hair; my sister's was blonde.
    I would love to show her and compare her to this one, but as said before, I never saw her again. This doll was probably from Japan, she had a butt like a duck, and so had several japanese dolls of my youth :)

    1. Thanks for your information. The lady did indeed receive the doll. You can read about their reunion and see their happy picture in my post on the blog at I hope you can have such a lucky reunion with a doll like yours someday!


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