Friday, December 1, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #335: Santa Claus

  Here it is the beginning of December already. This year has flown by. I guess everyone always says that. It is true though, that time does seem to go by faster when you get older,(Just when you need it to slow down.). I thought I would keep to winter looking or Christmas dolls for this month. We'll see how that goes. But today I've got a Christmas themed doll to start off with. He's Santa Claus.

I had several similar Santas,or, as my Kentucky  parents called him, 'Sainty',when I was a kid. This one isn't from my childhood,but he is definitely related to them.

These Santa's with felt clothes were pretty common when I was a kid. They came with black boots, white boots,etc..Mine all has plastic hands,unlike this guy who has felt hands. There were even singing ones. You may have seen my post on my childhood singing Santa HERE. Today's guy's friend is this Singing Santa that is just like my original one, except he is carrying a white sack.

And except I'm not all cruddy and worn out either.

Anyway, today's guy has some damage,but he has a lot of personality.

These Santa's are about 12" tall.

I'm not sure if they were meant to be played with, because they aren't very sturdy. Their bodies and legs are usually made of what seems to be rolled up cardboard.

That may account for why I had about three of them.(I don't think that's even counting the singing one.)
  See you again tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday. I may stray from the winter/Christmas theme there. Hey, give me a break. It's hard to find that many Christmas mini dolls!

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