Friday, December 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #349: Little Pink Baby

  Today's doll may seem like he qualifies for Shrunken Saturday,but although he's small, he wouldn't be to scale in a 1/12 setting. Here he or she is.

He's a cute little baby, but who is he?

He only measures 4" tall.

His clothes are actually his body,and not removeable.

The hat does come off though.

The hat is attached to him at the back, so it can't get lost.

Those are his only markings, there on the back of his neck. Any ideas?

As small as he is, he has inset eyes.

That's today's doll.Tomorrow we'll see an actual Shrunken Saturday doll.


  1. I had a doll a lot like that when I was about five or six. I don't remember what it was but I remember it coming in a matchbox. Part of my brain thinks that can't be right but it's so weird that I can't have made that up.
    That's probably pretty unhelpful

    1. No. You're not crazy! there were little dolls that came in match box type boxes.My son had one when he was little, plus I think they were made a long time ago too.I don't know if that;s what this guy is though. he seems slightly too big,(Bigger than Fuzzy's doll anyway.) plus the inset eyes would make him more expensive than UI think of those dolls being. The look is similar though,you're right.


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